We support clients with expert reports that provide technical guidance in insurance claims and other financial, legal, or strategic matters.

Building construction is a complex endeavor, and construction technologies have become increasingly complex. Both, design and construction of high-performance building projects require a deep understanding of the underlying interdependencies that can impact the performance of buildings and trigger chain reactions of failures that need to be addressed. This requires building construction experts to be well versed in several scientific domains, ranging from material science, to thermodynamics, and structural analysis.

RBSC can provide expertise to meet this demand, providing holistic background to the larger knowledge domain, and then breaking down complex technical problems into relatable examples with recommendations on viable solutions through expert reports.

  • Building Code Compliance

    Building codes are the rules and guidelines enacted by federal, state, and municipal entities establish the minimum acceptable level of safety for buildings. We can provide technical reviews and commentary to achieve full compliance with building codes and regulations.

  • Construction Defects & Remediation

    Through collection and evaluation of appropriate data we provide a concise report of in-depth findings including comprehensive data analysis and recommended repairs. This can be done most effectively before (i.e. without) heading into litigation by rendering our independent services for mediation and best outcomes for both parties.

  • Design Evaluations

    If you are a builder, who ventures into new construction technologies or climates, or an owner/developer in need for an experienced consultant on hand to provide guidance in setting realistic expectations, we can help from the early design stages and provide valuable input.