Building Enclosure & Systems Technology Lab

The Building Enclosure and Systems Technologies (BEST) Lab consists of a team of faculty and industry partners, who engage students in various types of system performance related technologies. Though mechanical, electrical, and lighting systems are also part of different research and exploratory projects, we place a specific focus on building enclosure systems and their interrelated thermal, hygrothermal, and acoustic performance.

Virginia Center for Housing Research

The Virginia Center for Housing Research (VCHR) is the official housing research and information center for the Commonwealth of Virginia and is an interdisciplinary college research center in Virginia Tech’s College of Architecture and Urban Studies.

VCHR provides services to localities, the state, federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, and for-profit businesses.

Myers-Lawson School of Construction

The Myers-Lawson School of Construction is the unique academic umbrella unit connecting faculty, staff, students and alumni from the Civil and Environmental Engineering (Vecellio Construction Engineering and Management Program) and Building Construction Departments at Virginia Tech. MLSoC unites construction programs and departments at Virginia Tech within highly ranked and respected Colleges, the College of Engineering, and the College of Architecture and Urban Studies, respectively.

NIBS Building Enclosure Technology and Environment Council

The Building Enclosure Technology and Environment Council (BETEC) is charged with encouraging optimum energy use of buildings through a better understanding of how overall, complex building components interact with each other and the environment.

BETEC members work together to share knowledge of existing and new technologies and practices, and to integrate technical programs on building safety, durability, resilience and occupant comfort with the thermal performance of building envelopes. The Building Enclosure Councils (BECs), a joint venture between the American Institute of Architects and NIBS under the aegis of BETEC, host some 4,000 members in 34 local chapters.

Society of Building Science Educators

The Society of Building Science Educators (SBSE) is an association of university educators and practitioners in architecture and related disciplines who support excellence in the teaching of environmental science and building technologies. SBSE’s goal of promoting and supporting quality instruction in building science is realized through a broad range of practical activities.

SBSE provides numerous and varied opportunities for member participation in the organization, resulting in increased membership benefits for all. SBSE serves five key purposes:

Architectural Engineering Institute

Architectural engineering is the application of engineering principles and technology to building design and construction. Architectural engineers work together with architects and civil engineers but are unique in both their skills and role as part of the building design team.

AEI provides its members timely technical information, professional advocacy, continuing education, and opportunities to excel in their careers. AEI also supports the development of the Architectural Engineering Professional Engineering Exam.