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Questions regarding Building Performance or other building issues ?

We provide answers

  • Forensic Investigations

    We conduct forensic investigations and provide building diagnostics utilizing in-situ assessment methods, sensor and data logger systems, and employ simulation tools to identify the root of building related issues and provide recommendations for remedial and preventive actions.

  • Building Simulations

    We provide building simulation services ranging from thermal, hygro-thermal, lighting, to acoustic performance simulations using dynamic software simulation tools, including Finite Difference Method, Finite Element Analysis, and Boundary Element Analysis applications.

  • Design Assistance

    We bring energy and environmental engineering expertise to your high performance building projects, whether in form of consulting on a single engineering issue, optimizing existing designs, or assisting throughout the development of a whole building project from conceptual design through commissioning.

  • Energy Assessments

    We can assist you in your retrofit decision making process by providing energy assessment services in form of site evaluation, establishing of a simulation baseline, and ultimately providing savings predictions for different retrofit scenarios.

  • Expert Statements

    We support clients with expert reports that provide guidance in insurance claims and other financial matters.

  • Expert Witness

    We provide expert opinions on points of controversy in a legal cases, evaluating facts, details, and explain reasoning, justifying our conclusions.


An overview of example cases from past projects


What is building science exactly? Here are some definitions provided by experts in the field:



Building science is the collection of scientific knowledge that focuses on the analysis and control of the physical phenomena affecting buildings.

Building science provides the language, framework, and systems thinking to make our buildings resource-efficient, comfortable, and durable in a changing environment with ever-increasing demands for efficiency and durability.

Whole Building Design Guide (NIBS)

Whole Building Design Guide (NIBS)

Building science is a field of knowledge that draws upon physics, chemistry, engineering, architecture, and the life sciences. Understanding the physical behavior of the building as a system and how this impacts energy efficiency, durability, comfort and indoor air quality is essential to innovating high-performance buildings. Modern building science attempts to work with models of the building as a system, and to apply empirical techniques to the effective solution of design problems.

Building Science Corporation

Building Science Corporation

"Building Science is the study of the interaction between the various materials, products, and systems used in building construction, the occupants of these buildings, and the environments in which they are located.”