Welcome to BLDG-SCI Consulting

BLDG-SCI Consulting is based in Blacksburg, Virginia and provides building science consulting services throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and its neighboring states. We advise builders, architects, developers, and property owners in their efforts to improve the performance of residential and commercial buildings or seek answers to specific issues that emerge around the construction or operation of buildings.


Dr. Georg Reichard is the principal owner of BLDG-SCI Consulting and is a professor of Building Construction in the Myers-Lawson School of Construction at Virginia Tech. He is an active educator, researcher, and consultant. Prof. Reichard's expertise spans from building energy efficiency, to building systems integration, and building performance. He has consulted on numerous projects ranging from thermal and moisture related issues in building enclosures to acoustic improvements for spaces. Current academic research focuses on integrated system solutions for high-performance buildings, advanced building materials, and system performance innovations.


Performance Throughout the Building Lifecycle

Building science deals with the performance analysis of the building envelope, the physics of the utilized materials, and the integration with building systems under various indoor and outdoor conditions. With codes requiring higher performance and new materials and systems emerging in the market our buildings face challenges to perform under the changing conditions that occur throughout a building's lifecycle.

We offer services including building science investigations, envelope and system design review, building simulation and performance analysis, performance monitoring and assessment, assistance in design and analysis of building related materials and products.